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FUT 18 free coins & points

Effective ways to get unlimited amounts FIFA coins for free

In this modern world there are huge numbers of games are there but people are willing to play FIFA 18 game because it has awesome gameplay and features. In a game, player can earn, upgrade, play and build their dream squad because it could be the best part of famous mode in FIFA. In order to win this game, you must choose the best FIFA 18 coin generator because it is offering huge numbers of resources as per your wish.

Awesome features involved in the FIFA 18 ultimate team game

There are huge numbers of the features are involved in the FIFA 18 game which includes

  • FUT icons
  • Squad battles
  • FIFA 18 on nintendo switch
  • FIFA 18 icon edition

There are biggest features are available in the game such as FUT draft, seasons, squad building challenges and FUT icon. If you start to play this game then you might not get rid of from this game because of its gameplay and features. Once you find out the best FIFA 18 hack tool in online then you can win the game without spending your money. In fact no specialized skills are required to operate the tool. This kind of the tool is available in online at 24/7 so that you can use it at anytime and anywhere. The resource generator enables the people to play with the iconic players such as Henry, Nazario and Maradona. It is the user friendly tool and it can easily run on different kinds of devices such as tablet, smartphone, console and pc. Points and coins could be used to buy packs or player can buy the players according to your requirements. There are wide numbers of the FIFA 18 coins hack in german, dutch and french are available but you must check whether it has anti ban security system or not. A good hack tool might not ask about your personal information or sensitive information. According to the studies says that FIFA hack is available in multiple languages such as English, Dutch, German and French. This kind of the hack tool is perfectly working with all personal computers. When you use the generator, hack and cheats you must not enter your personal details such as security question, email id, password and other kinds of personal information. This is by far the easiest way to win matches on FIFA 18.

Excellent benefits of using FIFA 18 hack for Ultimate Team

If you use hack tool then you can get unlimited numbers of free FIFA 18 coins and this hack tool is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to security point of view. Actually FIFA 18 is the virtual game which is already increased the enthusiasm and zeal among football followers. Online is the excellent platform to choose the best hack tool because they are having vast collections hack. FIFA 18 generator might be used in across the world and anyone can use this tool without spending their money. If you look to win the game then you must use the online FUT 18 generator because it is one of the smartest ways to win the game.

Available on all Consoles and PC

Have you ever used a FIFA coin generator on a previous version of the game? If yes, you exactly know what to expect. With this online generator you will be able to get free FIFA 18 coins on your PC, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account. Congratulations! If you never used a coins hack before I can only welcome you. This is the greatest chance for you to save lots of money. Instead of buying FUT Points you can run the FIFA Hack and get all the desired items on your PC, console or smartphone. It is easier than it sounds!


The FIFA Ultimate Team hack is developed in this way everyone can use it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, whats food you like or how much money you got. Every single person is able to have millions of free FIFA coins and points on their console. This tool is working on every platform. For example you can run it from your iPad, iPhone any other smartphone, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or from your PC. What you need is a good working Internet connection. People all over the world are coming to because of one reason: They want to become the best. If you want to be the best on FUT, you need the best team. With the FUT free coins you will be able to get them all. Since FIFA 18 UT you can even get Legends or “FUT Icons” as they are called on the PlayStation. Prepare yourself with player like Henry, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho to rock the Weekend League. With the FIFA coins hack we are offering it will be so easy for you to get them.

fifa 18 coins hack

Here is how it works:

Open the FIFA coin generator in german, dutch, french or english and enter your correct username. The username should be your Xbox One Gamertag, PlayStation Network ID, Origin ID or any other nickname you got on the specific console. Again, it is the username and not your team name. Some gamer are making the mistake and entering their FUT team name – this is wrong. After entering your username you have to choose the correct platform. Don’t choose Xbox One if you are playing on the PlayStation 4. Keep it real, because otherwise it can be possible you won’t get the FIFA 18 free coins and points on your account. After that you choose the amount of items you would like to get. If you done all this press the “Generate” button on the bottom and a process will start. Don’t worry, this will only take a few seconds. After that all the coins and points will appear on your account. 

Please send us your review after successfully using the FIFA 18 hack.

Review of the FIFA hack on here

Hello, I am Tom, 17 years old from Brighton, UK.

Here is my full review of the FIFA 18 coin generator (thanks to the admin for publishing). First time I came on this website was in September 2017, but I wasn’t really sure if cheats, hacks or generator for FUT 18 are really existing or if it was just a scam. I can tell you this: What I have found out about really surprised me. I never thought something like this is even possible. 

fifa 18 coin generator

Here a little bit about my background first. I am playing FIFA Ultimate Team since many years. First started playing this mode on FIFA 13 and every single year I just started to play the new version. At first it was really fun, there were not really much special cards. Inform player were the only special cards and later they added Team of the Season, Team of the Year, St. Patricks Day, Hero, Man of the Week, Man of the Match and so on. It is unbelievable what this game has become. Ask yourself: Can you count how many kind of special cards there are? I guess not. Well I got a huge problem with this, because I know EA is doing this to press the money out of the people. 

The regular ways of getting FIFA coins were not really helpful. Finding cheap player on the market? Not possible anymore, because some guys are using “Auto-Buyer” to get them right after they appear. How about playing matches? This is way too time consuming and there are many expenses like contracts and fitness.

I checked Google and YouTube to look for a full working FIFA 18 hack and I saw this website first. But don’t think I used it when I came here the first time. Of course I did a research on this website and I could find many videos, which are showing people using this FIFA 18 coin generator on here. By the way it was impressive the FIFA 18 hack was also available in French and Dutch. This was showing me they do really want to help the people to get free FIFA 18 coins and points. On the Video you can see how a guy is explaining how to use the FIFA 18 coins hack and what buttons to press. Actually nobody needs to see a video in order to use this hack, because it is extremely simple. Enter your username, choose the console or PC and then add the amount of FIFA 18 free coins and points. After that you just press the generate button. If they want something you just follow the instructions. In my case they asked for a human verification and I didn’t really understand why. After a quick chat with the moderator of this website they told me why. Some websites like MMOGA are using their FIFA 18 hack to generate free coins and points to new accounts. You know what they do with this coins? They are selling them! Yes, actually all the coin seller are using tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator to get the coins and then they are selling them to you. I was really shocked when I found this out. However, the reason they got the human verification is because of the coin seller. They were hacks, macros and bots to automatically run the FIFA 18 coins hack to add millions of coins to thousands of different account just within a few minutes. This was a huge problem for us because their server crashed instantly. 

After I was done with the verification I just received all the FIFA 18 free points and coins on my account. It couldn’t be easier than this. Give it a try as well and you will be surprised how perfectly the FIFA 18 hack works.

Good luck and have fun!

Player ratings and other hacks for FUT 18

You might have heard of the famous 99OVR cheat already? No? Here it comes.

It is possible to give any player you want 99 overall stats. Literally every single player! This is not only funny, but can also make you unstoppable. Average player are suddenly worth many million of coins and they can overcome even the best defender. So far this FIFA 18 hack is only available on PC, but it will available for consoles such as PS4, Xbox One or your smartphone very soon. Some gamer are already losing their patience. They want to use it as soon as possible.

Check out the picture to see how it looks like to have a Bellerin and a Butland with 99 stats overall:

fifa 18 ovr hack

What does it mean for the FIFA 18 coin generator?

You can clearly see how easy it is to cheat and hack FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The developer of this 99OVR cheat engine are probably using the same technique on how to cheat the game like we do with the FUT 18 coins hack. Everyone who wants to use FIFA 18 cheats can do this without any hassle. The gamer who prefer to work hard, spend lots of money and play lots of matches to get a small amount of coins can avoid it. FIFA 18 Ultimate Team as you know it in the past will not longer exist, because EA is destroying its own game by becoming to greedy. Want an example? How many different special cards (such as TOTY, TOTS or any other) were available in FIFA 14? Can’t remember? It were a lot less than on FUT 17. The reason is simple. As more special cards there are as more people will spend money for it. Break out of this sick system and use the coins hack for FIFA 18 instead. There is no better way to get lots of free FIFA 18 coins and points. Maybe you already saw how easy to use it is. You don’t need to download any file. The whole hack for FIFA 18 is working as an online generator, which means that you don’t run into any risk of getting a virus on your smartphone or PC. The FIFA 18 coin generator is working on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and any other device, which you get access to FUT 18. Even the Ultimate Team Web App or the FUT Companion on iOS and Android are working perfectly with this cheat engine.

Don’t be too late, because no one can surely say how long this tool will remain working. On different websites you can find information how EA is trying to fix the bug. Yes, there is a huge bug causing lots of trouble for EA. The same bug is making it possible for us to use tools like the hack. Some things might never change for EASports. Bad server, bugs, momentum and greediness are on of it. 

Oh, by the way…did you see the new EASports commercial? Really nice.


Forget about spending money for FUT Points

Most gamer are buying FIFA 18 points, because they are feeling excited to get great players out of these packs. Here are some reasons why you should never ever spend real money for FUT 18 points again:

  • You can only use them for FUT Draft or packs
  • You can’t buy any player with them
  • They are expensive
  • In the gold packs are mostly contracts, manager, average player, fitness and other items
  • During the purchasing process it may come to mistakes, because of EA servers
  • There is a 0,1% chance you will get a special player like Messi or Ronaldo

fifa 18 hack

Not really a good deal if you ask me. I know many gamer, which are complaining. They have just spent $100 for FUT 18 points, but they never got any good player. It is a huge waste of money they said. It shouldn’t be like this. With the FIFA 18 coin generator you can get all the coins and points for free on your account.

Where does the FIFA 18 hack work?

  • On all Microsoft consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
  • On the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (all versions)
  • On your smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • On the brand new Nintendo Switch
  • And of course also on your PC

Just run it from and start using the FIFA 18 coins hack. Getting free coins and points can be really so easy if you know this website. We will lead you through the whole process and just within a few seconds you should receive the items on your Xbox Live, PSN, Mobile or PC account already. The most time people are afraid to use the FUT 18 hack, but after they see many videos on how to use the FIFA 18 cheats and hack they are more open and brave. Of course there are many ways to save up coins, but no beginner guide or walkthrough will ever tell you how to hack FIFA 18 ultimate team without spending any money. Getting autobuyer and trading on the transfer market can alos be very tiring. Your priority should be to get the best team ever on FUT 18 to dominate the whole Weekend League. Almost every professional eSports gamer came to this website to get free FIFA 18 coins and points. Some of them even say it by themselves or they make live streams on Twitch and YouTube to show how it works.

fifa 18 coin generator

If you need any help or assistance feel free to message us. Our FIFA 18 coin generator is available in german, french and dutch.

Working on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The official FIFA 18 coin generator 101 – all you ever need to know

Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet or PC to run the FIFA 18 hack. With this guide you will be fully prepared to get free FIFA 18 coins and points on your Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN, iOS, Android and PC account. It is possible to literally get free FUT 18 coins and points on every account with no survey or human verification


What is the FUT 18 hack good for?

If you are running out of coins and points, you don’t want to spend money for items or you are just beginning to play FUT, the FIFA 18 hack is perfect for you. Especially if you only got bad or average player on your team, but you want to compete with gamer all over the world it is important to have a great team. For building a great team you need coins, lots of coins. Some special player can cost you millions of coins. If you want at least 11 of them you need an extremely huge amount of coins on your account. Getting them is a big problem for the most gamer. For some it is the main reason they spend lots of money. Keep in mind you are only able to buy FUT points, which are completely useless, because you can only use them for packs and FUT Draft. In the packs you won’t get any special card easily, maybe you will have to open around 50 packs to get one single special card. Some people are even so unlucky they never got Ronaldo, Messi or a TOTS and TOTY player.


Using a FIFA 18 coins hack is more important than ever

Why? Because there are more special player than ever before. Almost every week EA is releasing new special player in every possible color. TOTS, TOTY, TOTM, Man of the match, Chinese New Year, St. Patricks Day, Hero, FUT icons and so on. Normal gamer can’t even count anymore how many special player there are. At the same time EA is trying to make the game as much competitive as possible by adding new tournaments and cups. For example the Weekend League or the FUT Champions Cup. The conclusion is: You need better player to compete against better teams. Having free FIFA 18 coins and points in this moment is extremely useful. Don’t underestimate the power of great player. It makes a big difference if you have Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aguero or Neymar in your team or just an average player. With them you can literally from everywhere and you are unpredictable. With the FIFA 18 coins hack you will be able to buy them. Simply generate FIFA 18 UT free coins and points and buy this player.

fifa 18 coins hack

Cheating on FIFA 18 is normal

Ten years ago people were complaining about cheater. For example people who used an aim bot on Counter Strike were hated everywhere. Since then the whole gaming industry changed. On Counter Strike there were no in-game shops or in-game currencies like coins, points, gems, diamonds or cash. These days it is all about selling. They want you to buy coins, points, gems and so on just to earn money. The whole situation changed. Cheating on online games are becoming more and more normal. Nobody wants to spend lots of money just for in-game items. Tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator are getting very popular in these days.