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Hello, I am Tom, 17 years old from Brighton, UK.

Here is my full review of the FIFA 18 coin generator (thanks to the admin for publishing). First time I came on this website was in September 2017, but I wasn’t really sure if cheats, hacks or generator for FUT 18 are really existing or if it was just a scam. I can tell you this: What I have found out about really surprised me. I never thought something like this is even possible. 

fifa 18 coin generator

Here a little bit about my background first. I am playing FIFA Ultimate Team since many years. First started playing this mode on FIFA 13 and every single year I just started to play the new version. At first it was really fun, there were not really much special cards. Inform player were the only special cards and later they added Team of the Season, Team of the Year, St. Patricks Day, Hero, Man of the Week, Man of the Match and so on. It is unbelievable what this game has become. Ask yourself: Can you count how many kind of special cards there are? I guess not. Well I got a huge problem with this, because I know EA is doing this to press the money out of the people. 

The regular ways of getting FIFA coins were not really helpful. Finding cheap player on the market? Not possible anymore, because some guys are using “Auto-Buyer” to get them right after they appear. How about playing matches? This is way too time consuming and there are many expenses like contracts and fitness.

I checked Google and YouTube to look for a full working FIFA 18 hack and I saw this website first. But don’t think I used it when I came here the first time. Of course I did a research on this website and I could find many videos, which are showing people using this FIFA 18 coin generator on here. By the way it was impressive the FIFA 18 hack was also available in French and Dutch. This was showing me they do really want to help the people to get free FIFA 18 coins and points. On the Video you can see how a guy is explaining how to use the FIFA 18 coins hack and what buttons to press. Actually nobody needs to see a video in order to use this hack, because it is extremely simple. Enter your username, choose the console or PC and then add the amount of FIFA 18 free coins and points. After that you just press the generate button. If they want something you just follow the instructions. In my case they asked for a human verification and I didn’t really understand why. After a quick chat with the moderator of this website they told me why. Some websites like MMOGA are using their FIFA 18 hack to generate free coins and points to new accounts. You know what they do with this coins? They are selling them! Yes, actually all the coin seller are using tools like the FIFA 18 coin generator to get the coins and then they are selling them to you. I was really shocked when I found this out. However, the reason they got the human verification is because of the coin seller. They were hacks, macros and bots to automatically run the FIFA 18 coins hack to add millions of coins to thousands of different account just within a few minutes. This was a huge problem for us because their server crashed instantly. 

After I was done with the verification I just received all the FIFA 18 free points and coins on my account. It couldn’t be easier than this. Give it a try as well and you will be surprised how perfectly the FIFA 18 hack works.

Good luck and have fun!

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