How to use the FIFA 18 coin generator online

Here is the video tutorial:

You might have never seen a tool, which works so easy but so effective like this hack. Here is a step by step guide on how to cheat on FUT 18.

  1. Enter your correct account name
  2. Choose the correct platform you are playing on (Xbox, PlayStation, PC)
  3. Enter the amount of FUT coins and points you would like to add
  4. Press on the button below
  5. Wait…follow further instructions if required
  6. Have fun with your huge amount of coins and points!


Sometimes it happens they are asking for a human verification. The reason of this verification is to prevent bots, macros or any hacker to abuse our FIFA 18 coin generator. Before people were creating many FUT accounts and used bots to generate millions of coins on them. They sent hundreds of requests per second, which brought us lots of trouble. After that they sold the coins and the accounts on different platforms. It is our goal to help you saving money by generating the items – we don’t want you to use our hack to sell the coins. Please use them by yourself only. If you are looking for other gaming cheats and hacks you can click here.