About Us

The story

Adept Games, published by Adept Games since 2009, is an information website dedicated to the world of games, be it software, hardware, mobility, the corporate world or video games.

Its objectives are twofold:

On the one hand, keep you up-to-date on the latest games news in the broadest sense;

on the other hand to help you in your understanding and use of the games tool, through the regular publication of general or specialized tips and files;

The site Adept-games.com was inaugurated in August 2020 at the instigation of its two creators eager to inform and above all to provide help to Internet users in need.

Since then, the site has continued to evolve, offering new topics and features. At the same time, its attendance has continued to increase to make the Adept Games site one of the recognized players of the World Games scene.

After many years of managing this site, our desire and motivations are still intact, providing you with quality information, and helping you concretely with the help of more and more files and tips.