How to catch Bouffalant during Unova week in Pokémon Go

Bouffalant has arrived at Pokémon Go, and you can catch it during Unova week, the Ultra Unlock Rewards Coaches won during Pokémon Go Fest 2020. Bouffalant, along with other Pokémon, makes its debut. You won’t be able to find Bouffalant galloping through the landscape or running towards you when using a decoy. Instead, you have to search for this Pokémon, and it’s an unlikely place.

For Unova week, Bouffalant is only available in the New York area of the United States, within 5 km of eggs. You receive these eggs by rotating the Poké Stop and Gym photo discs, and the egg only appears if you have a free egg slot in your inventory. If you were to visit a Poké Stop in Portland, Oregon, and you received a 5 km, it is not lucky to have a Bouffalant inside. It is a Pokémon exclusive to the region.

Players reported seeing him as far away as Rhode Island. Some Boston players also report seeing him. It is likely, for the event, that Bouffalant could be seen beyond the New York area of the United States, allowing players from the northeast of the country to find him. It will probably serve as an extended promotion, and then after the week of the event, it will only be available in New York.

Bouffalant is a normal type with a maximum CP of 2,797, an attack of 195, a defense of 182 and an endurance of 216. It’s weak for Combat-type attacks, but it’s a resistance to Ghost-type movements. If you capture one, its best set of movements includes the Zen buttocks and skull. These are decent moves to use, but it’s not the best thing to use in the Pokémon Go Ultra league because of its lower CP value. He might be able to do some damage in the Big League, but there are better choices.

It’s strange to make this Pokémon exclusive to a particular region of the United States. This could be Niantic’s attempt to make it difficult to capture more Pokémon, as the list explains. If you were hoping to find Bouffalant wandering in Unova week, you have no luck, unless you live near the big apple.

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