How to take it to the next level quickly in Maplestory link skills

Leveling is the name of the game in MapleStory link skills,the free MMO-RPG. As with any game of this type, upgrading in the game can be a tricky thing. There are many options for worlds and monsters that you can use to earn EXP, and finding out which are the best requires a lot of trial and error. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it because we’ve figured it out for you!

We’ve simplified the task by giving you the best places and monsters to face, allowing you to reach level 275 as quickly as possible.

Before you start with the guide, however, we want to browse some things that you can use to help you even more in your grinding:


These elements will help speed up the process, but are not necessary for the leveling process. Some are harder to get and some won’t be available until level 100, but if you can use them, they can have an impact.

Hyper Teleport Rock


This rock can speed up the process because it allows you to teleport on any map, making the change much faster. You can buy this item in the CashShop for 5,200,000 mesos for a day of use.

Potions Monster Park


These potions will provide your character with a strong buff for 30 minutes and can be obtained by making the daily monster Park game (level 100). These buffs can be applied to your attack speed, your magic attack or even your earned EXP.

New Leaf City Potions


These potions will improve your attacks, which means you can defeat more monsters in less time. You can buy them from Miki for 5,000 mesos each and they will last 8 minutes each.

Legion EXP Coupon


You can spend all the Legion coins you have on these coupons, which will give you double EXP for 30 minutes.

MVP Atmosphere Buff

These types of buffs are rewarded for players who spend money in the game, especially around $300 over 3 months. But you don’t need to be an MVP to win these buffs because they apply to everyone on the map, which means that another player can help you get 50% extra EXP. Many MVPs will announce in the chat to come into a world to get the buff.

Maplestory link skills

After reaching level 70, your character will be able to unlock useful “binding skills” that you can share with other players. You can have up to 12 skills and we have the ones that will help you most in your upgrade process.

Elven Blessing

Yields 10/15/20% EXP. It requires a Mercedes level of 70, 120 and 210.

Persistence of runes

Increases Rune EXP 2X buff duration by 30, 50, 70%. It requires an Evan level of 70, 120 and 210.

Combined Blessing to Kill

Increases the amount of EXP you get from combined orbs by 400% / 650% / 900%. It requires an Aran level of 70,120 and 210.

Mechanics to exploit

There are many mechanisms in MapleStory link skills that you can use to increase the amount of EXP you earn:


After reaching level 30, runes will appear on your map every 15 minutes. Using them will give you 2X EXP for 2-3 minutes. You can use the Evan Link skill to increase this time.

Card engraving

Level 100 cards can have a “Hot Card” effect, which will increase the amount of EXP won by any monster. The effect will slowly decrease as you beat more monsters, so you can switch to another channel to find another higher engraving map.

Pollo and Fritto and Inferno Wolf

These are events that can occur when you train and bring in extra EXP. It’s usually not worth following when you’re under 100.

Upgrade guide

With these on the sidelines, it’s time to get to what we’re all here for: how to reach the level ceiling as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Levels 1-10

For the first ten levels, just follow the tutorial to help you.

With these on the sidelines, it’s time to achieve what we’re all here for: the way to reach the maximum level as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Levels 10 to 23

Golem Temple: Golem Temple 3

mixed golem PV: 350 EXP: 39

Levels 23 to 30

Northern Forest: Green tree trunk

Eye HP: 650 EXP: 50

Niveaux 30 à 42

Dump: shady landfill site

Dumpy Hoodlum
PV: 2800 EXP: 95

Abandoned Offices: Mr. Hazard’s Lair 2

Average HP
Danger Buddy: 4200 EXP: 124

Once you’re at level 45, you’ll want to two of the game’s themed dungeons to reach level 60. The dungeons will adapt to your level, so feel free to do them in the order of your choice. Each will give you about 10 to 13 levels.

You can start these quests from the quest notifier on the left of your screen.

Niveaux 40-60

Ellinel Fairy Academy

Quest: Ellinel Fairy Academy

Golden Beach

Quest: a golden opportunity


Quest: Anne’s call for help

Now you will return to specific worlds and fight specific monsters to train to level 200.

Niveaux 50 à 60

Scorched Earth: Wild boar earth

boar PV: 8000 – EXP: 187

Niveaux 60 à 75

Marsh: Silent marsh

HP Copper
Drake: 16,000 EXP: 302

Niveaux 75 à 83

Aqua Road: Red Coral Forest

PV: 46,000 EXP: 684

Levels 83 – 100

Sunset Road: the desert of serenity

sand dwarf PV: 90,000 EXP: 1,188

Niveaux 100-110

Daily boss


Niveaux 110 – 123

Ludibrium: Toy Factory

Master Robo
HP: 362,700 EXP: 3055

Niveaux 123-135

Korean folk town: Black Mountain entrance

Bunny PV: 684,450 EXP: 4,996

Niveaux 135 à 145

Korean folk town: gobeline house

King PV: 1,087,800 EXP: 7,352

Niveaux 145-170

Kerning Tower: 2F Cafe


Espresso machine rabid PV: 1,531,800 EXP: 9,752

Levels 170 -190

Daily boss


Niveaux 190 – 200

Twilight period: abandoned excavation site 2


Once you’ve reached level 200, you’ll have access to Arcane River where you’ll spend the rest of your time moving to the next level.

Arcane River is divided into different zones, with each area having pre-cases that you will need to complete to access it. The area is limited to the level and you will need to own Arcane Force. You can get it by doing the daily quests in each area. Without enough arcane force, your damage will be reduced. On the other hand, if you have 50% more than you need, you will deal 50% more damage.

Niveaux 200 à 210

Cave of Rest: under the cave


Niveaux 210 à 230

Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths


Niveaux 230 – 250

Arcana: Cavern Lower Path


Niveaux 250 à 255

Tenebris: Labyrinth of Inner Suffering 5


Niveaux 255 à 275

Limina: End of the world 1-5


Congratulations, you have reached level 275! Not too bad, is it?

We hope this guide has made it, at least, a little easier to grind. And feel free to play with places and enemies if you run into problems with the ones we listed here.

MapleStory is now available on PC.

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