Minecraft will soon be fully playable with PlayStation VR

Mojang has just announced on the PlayStation Blog that Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will soon be fully playable in virtual reality with PlayStation VR, as has been the case for some time on other headsets.

At Mojang we were burning to be able to say that for a very long time! The ps VR was actually planned on PS4 since we got the green light from Sony for the cross-platform and the Bedrock version on PS4,”explains Roger Carpenter.

executive producer at Mojang Studios. By the end of September, Minecraft owners on PS4 and PlayStation VR will be able to download a free update that will open the doors to Minecraft in virtual reality. Far from being a simple mode, we are talking about supporting the entire game, without any loss of functionality.

On PS VR, Minecraft remains playable with a simple DualShock 4 controller. It’s the Canadian studio SkyBox Labs, a regular Microsoft partner, that has adapted and optimized the technology on PS VR with the help of Sony engineers.


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