The 10 best minecraft texture pack

Some people look at Minecraft and see a very simple and ugly game, while others see beyond simplistic graphics and see the true beauty offered. Of course, it will never win the best graphics prizes of all time, but it has something special that has brought back players from around the world over the past ten years.

Yet even the most ardent Minecraft Fans can get tired of watching the same textures over and over again, and you might find yourself looking for something a little different to add a little spice to your game.

The best part about texture packs is that the people who create them try to stay on a theme and, overall, they succeed. This adds a whole new element to your game and makes you feel, sometimes, as if you were playing in a different world.

The 10 best Minecraft texture pack

So today we’re looking at the 10 best texture packs for Minecraft,but before we, a quick guide on installing these things.

How to install texture pack

  • Download the pack you want
  • Start your game
  • Click Options and then Texture Packs
  • In the Texture Packs folder, drag the file you downloaded.
  • When you launch Minecraft, the new texture needs to be available so you can play with

LB Photo Realism Reload!

You’ll never get a texture pack as realistic as some of the mods you can use. GTA V, but Attempted CurseForge is damn close. Everything is as close to reality as you might expect in a game composed of blocks and the effect of water is amazing, so if you feel like spending time in a very beautiful world, you could do a lot worse than download it here.

LB Photo Realism Reload

Cartoon Minecraft Texture Pack by default

This shady cell texture pack makes everything look a bit Borderlandsand that’s not a bad thing. You may be able to hunt safes or load the most extravagant weapons known to the human race, but if you want to brighten up your game, then Cartoon’s Default Texture Pack is a good place to start.


Modern HD Pack

It’s good to live in a forest, fight against climbing plants and build a house with twigs and moss, but sometimes a man or girl simply aspires to the comfort of modern society. This pack gives you just that. Adapt your personality to your home, yacht or skyscraper and live the great life. Beats eat insects for a living.

Mine wars

Mine wars

Free your inner Jedi/Sith with the Mine Wars Texture Pack. It’s a mix and mash of other obsolete versions of the Star Wars packs, as well as many new features added by the yokoolio creator. Get your hands on blasters, beautiful lightsabers and everything you’d expect from a Star Wars experience.


Samurai Minecraft Texture Pack

Have you ever played Minecraft and thought “It’s cool and all it really needs is feudal Japan going?”. No, well, nothing to see here, you can go on. But for those intrigued by this proposal, download the Samurai Texture Pack. Here.

Eternal Hearts

Eternal Hearts

Pretty explicit this one. Download the Eternal Hearts Texture Pack and turn your Minecraft game into a Kingdom Hearts-inspired playground. Its creator, Captain Corn, says it’s a semi-realistic experience but should appeal to both cartoon fans and RPG players.


Bat man

I like comics. In fact, that’s how I started as a writer by making best-of lists for another site on Capes and Cowls. all texture packs. Click here and you’ll find more DC goodness than you can shake a Batarang.


Rick and Morty

I also love Rick and Morty too, and if you like it too, then you can get The Duke Grandpa Adorable Swim and Grandson from here with a few other things too. It’s a work in progress, so keep an eye on the updates.


Glimmar Steampunk Texture Package

Turn your Minecraft experience into a dystopian future with Glimmar’s Steampunk Texture Package. It doesn’t do much except give the world a more realistic but somewhat depressing look, but if you’re a Steampunk fan, you’ll be used to seeing life that way anyway.


Retro NDA

And finally, for those of us who want their Minecraft experience to look like an old NES game, download it Retro NDA. Turn your world into a mushroom kingdom by depositing a file and have fun pretending your Mario. Or Bowser. Depending on which side of the morality scale you fall, I guess.

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