The “community server” City of Heroes: Homecoming becomes Homecoming: CoH and continues its beta

For the past year, a collective of players has been resuscitating City of Heroes with the support of NCsoft. The project changes its name (to Homecoming: CoH), but the exchanges remain positive with the developer and the beta continues.

Just over a year ago, a handful of superhero MMO-loving players were trying to resurrect City of Heroes via a “private server.” Following a series of legal misadventures, the server was temporarily closed, but gave the collective of players the opportunity to contact NCsoft in order to negotiate a reopening of the servers, this time with the assent of the South Korean developer.

It was noted that NCsoft was surprisingly open to discussion and while the exchanges continue, five “community servers” of City of Heroes are now open, allowing to test the beta version of this City of Heroes: Homecoming – for the record, four first servers are available across the Atlantic (one of which gives pride of place to the Roleplay and another at the Pvp) and a fifth server is based in Germany for European players (Reunion).

In a “step point” published on the official forum of the Community Project, it is noted that discussions with NCsoft have been slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic, but they are nevertheless continuing and in a positive way.

A little more concretely, we also remember that City of Heroes: Homecoming (the historical name of the community project) becomes Homecoming: City of Heroes, abbreviated Homecoming: CoH. The collective does not detail the reasons for this change.

but it is easy to imagine that from NCsoft’s point of view, it is a matter of preserving the City of Heroes brand and that for the collective of players, the name change allows to ensure more autonomy for the community project. An official website is expected to be launched soon.

And on a more technical level, Homecoming: CoH (since this is how the project will be called from now on) now benefits from a new launcher,lighter, faster and safer. What’s to inspire the curious to relaunch themselves in the world of the MMO superhero?

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