Sony is poised to achieve a real feat with its next home console in terms of retrocompatibility.

Although Sony has already announced its intention to offer a retrocompatible PlayStation 5 for several weeks, some elements about this technology have yet to be clarified.

PSErebus, an insider who has already proven himself in the japanese manufacturer’s console, cracks a Tweet that indicates that Sony could realize the dream of more than one player.

As you can see, the latter indicates that we would do well to keep our games from previous generations, teasing as well as the Sony machine would manage to emulate all the previous consoles of the Japanese manufacturer.

If this statement wasn’t enough, Patrick Klepek recently suggested a complementary thing in a new episode of Waypoint Radio: according to him, the PS5 would focus as much on the Past of PlayStation as on its future, suggesting a major focus on compatibility with previous generations.

If all this were to be verified at the official presentation, we could only welcome the initiative taken by the manufacturer, which should prevent the fashion of remasters from continuing.

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